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This policy explains how Fubon Fund Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“we” or “our”) uses cookies and similar technologies (the “Cookies”) on our website and why we use the Cookies, and your choices in this regard.
This policy applies once you visit our website and should be read in conjunction with the “Data Privacy Policy Statement” (the “Data Policy Statement”) issued by us and the information with respect to the Cookies as set out in the Data Policy Statement.
By visiting our website, you agree to our use of the Cookies in accordance with this policy.
You may change your browser settings to manage the Cookies on your device, where necessary.

About cookies

The Cookies are text files containing a small amount of information that are automatically placed on your device when you visit our website that can be retrieved by our website.
The consolidated information on the number and types of visitors will be collected for the purpose of learning more about our website’s usage. In addition, some additional information may be gathered through the use of the Cookies. We may also use the Cookies for the purpose of fraud prevention and detection.
You acknowledge and agree that we may collect, transmit, store, and use technical, location, and other non-personally identifiable data and information, including but not limited to technical information about your device (e.g.IP address and/or device ID), system and application software, and peripherals, and information pertaining to your location for such purposes. We may restrict your access to our website if such remote scanning detects any signs of suspicious online transactions/activities, potential malware, other online threats or system vulnerabilities. You will be held responsible for using a device that shows signs of potential malware infection and affects the security of our service.
It is hereby declared that we strictly observe the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” in collecting, maintaining and using the personal data of our customers, if any. For details, please read the “Data Policy Statement”.

Disabling Cookies

Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can choose to disable, delete or block the Cookies as your device permits.
Please note that opting out of the Cookies does not necessarily mean that you will not see our advertisements but that the Cookies will not track your behaviour on our website and our advertisements will not target you through the use of the Cookies. Further, you may not be able to take full advantage of our website features if you disable the Cookies.
To find out more about the use of cookies and the information-collecting practices and opt-out procedures, please visit the website of the third parties.
Our right to amend or revise this policy from time to time is reserved.
In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

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